March 28.

Daily Missions and Treasure Hunts: 

Version 1.4 news: 

The daily treasure hunt is a new way to gain extra cards 

and resources while playing Dash or Defend.

- Up to seven treasure chests to collect every day

- Complete daily missions to find the chests

- Gain a better starting position if you return again next day 

  (huge bonus on the 7th day)

- A higher player level will also get you a head start


The treasure hunt button is located to the right on the main screen. It will glow when you can start a new run, and when there is a chest to collect. Every day you will get a starting position bonus equal to your player level plus the number of consecutive days that you have been treasure hunting. On the seventh day there will be a huge starting bonus, and then you start over on day one again.

February 20.

You have asked for Friend features, and we have heard you:

Version 1.3 news:

- Invite people you know to your new friend list. 

- Issue and accept challenges from players in your friend list. 

- Get rewards for yourself and your friends once they unlock the 

  Dominate mode!

- Battle outcome will not affect your rating (but your friendships 

  might be affected :D )


The friend button is located to the upper left of the screen. It will change look slightly when a friend is challenging you, when there is a friend reward to collect, or when a new friend has been added to your friend list. Click the button to go to your Friends page.


Win rewards of 100 gems:

To invite someone, press the Friends button to go to your Friends page and then press the large button at the top. This will result in a pop-up where you can select how you want to send the invitation (email, message, ...). Make your choice and the correct app will start, with a message prepared. The message includes the link that your friends should click.


If your friend already has installed DoD, the link will open the game and connect the two of you as friends. If not, the link will take your friend to DoD on either AppStore or Google Play. Once he/she has installed and started the game, the two of you will be connected. In this case, there will be a reward for both of you to collect, once the friend has unlocked the Dominate mode.

January 19.

Android Release of Dash or Defend

Dash or Defend for Android can now be downloaded from Google Play. Be sure to tell your friends who haven't tried it yet. Copy the link and send it to them!

Version 1.2 news: 

- major facelift for all graphics in the user interface

- new interface for building your decks and upgrading cards

- new training section

- new maps section

- new shop section

- change your player name directly from the main screen

- seize control of the battlefield (zoom in and out during the battle)


Try Tap-Dash! 

A mini-game that you can play while waiting for a Player vs Player battle to begin. You guide a Woodling Runner to pick up Ether bottles and avoid the firebomb towers. Every tap gives a momentary speed boost. Time your taps and avoid running off the screen.