Screenshots and Story

Which side are you on? 

In Dash or Defend you play both sides to win over your live opponents!

On the card-page you prepare your strategy for the next battle!

Play Defend! Stop the attackers from reaching the Extractor!

Play Dash! Make your way to the Extractor and sabotage it!

The two-sided story of Grand Hiria



Chancellor of the Empire:

Welcome to the island of Grand Hiria! This island is the latest addition to our great empire and it its highly valuable because there is a natural resource called Ether present in both the soil, the vegetation and the air. Our alchemists have found out that you can create almost anything if you have enough Ether. We are building great machines called Extractors, that suck Ether from the surroundings and bottle it. There is just one problem: though Grand Hiria is uninhabited by men, it is full of strange animals and weird humanoid beings. They dislike our Extractors and try to sabotage them whenever they get a chance. That’s why we need you! Your mission is to defend Extractors from attack long enough for the construction to complete. Using Ether, you can construct various defensive towers and use damaging effects on the attackers. Play Defend!


Elder of Grand Hiria:

Thank you for coming to our aid! Grand Hiria is balancing on the edge of destruction and we need your strategic mind to help us turn the tide. Strange beings called humans are invading our habitats and bring with them horrible machines that can suck the very life force out of the Soil, Wood and Sky. As protector of Grand Hiria, you must use the power of the Ether to give us physical form and send us to disrupt the human’s Extractors before it’s too late. You should also use the Ether to protect and strengthen us during our attempts to reach the Extractors. Though we are beings of the Ether and don’t know true death, we can lose our physical form for a time if we are severely damaged. The fate of Grand Hiria is in your hands! Play Dash!

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